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Hair botox 500ml + Clarifying Shampoo 400ml + Tools for application COCOCHOCO


COCOCHOCO Hair Botox is an innovative process that effectively penetrates the disturbed areas of the hair and fills it with regenerative substances.


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COCOCHOCO Hair Botox ensures immediate recovery of your hair. It effectively penetrates the disturbed areas of the hair and fills it with regenerative substances. It regenerates damaged and fragile hair from within and strengthens the scalp. After treatment your hair is healthy and beautifully shiny. Hair Botox contains botulinum toxin, amino acids, proteins, saturated vitamins and minerals that provide your hair with the necessary nutrition and give your hair a unique look.

Benefits of Hair Botox Application:
  • smooths hair
  • provides UV protection
  • strengthens fragile and damaged hair
  • fills their structure and hair becomes fuller
  • heals split ends
  • improving hair growth
  • the result lasts for 4-5 months
  • wash your hair twice with COCOCHOCO Clarifying Shampoo. Leave shampoo for 3-5 minutes
  • dry your hair with a towel and leave it at 60-70% damp
  • apply botox evenly to each section with a silicone brush and leave for 20-30 minutes (apply 1-2 cm from the scalp)
  • dry the hair completely with a hair dryer and comb it
  • iron the hair with an iron heated to 190-220 degrees (very damaged and iron fine hair to a lower temperature)
  • after 24 hours wash the hair with a sulphate-free shampoo COCOCHOCO

Clarifying Shampoo 400ml

Highly effective Clarifying shampoo required for preparing your hair for Brazilian keratin. The mixture of cleaning components, which cleans your hair thoroughly and eliminates all surface contaminants, allows better penetration of keratin into the internal structure of hair. The advanced modern technology of the shampoo increases the pH value and opens the skin beneath your hair for optimal results.

To be used only before the application of Brazilian keratin. Not recommended for regular use!

Plastic bowl with measuring cup + whisk

Color Brush

Hairdressers cape

Set of professional combs

The set includes 9 combs. They are made of high quality plastic, resistant to high temperatures. The combs are in a stylish case.

2x Hair clip alligator

2x Hair clip


Data sheet

Hair type
Hair type
Hair type
Hair type
Hair type
Hair type
Hair length
To 30 cm
Hair length
To 75 cm
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More than 75 cm